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Patent Company: Register and Protect

Norunnuha Sdn Bhd is a fully owned bumiputra company which was incorporated on 7th April 2010.

Norunnuha Sdn Bhd was the brainchild of its founder Norunnuha Datuk Hj Nawawi, a registered patent, trademark and industrial design agent. We have a strong initiative to be a key player in intellectual property area. We also encourage and support recruiting, retaining and advancing women executive at norunnuha Sdn Bhd.

Trademark Filing & Registration

Norunnuha Sdn Bhd provides services covering all intellectual property aspect such as drafting of patent specification, filing, assisting entrepreneur in registering their trademarks namely trademark register, cap dagangan, patent register and provide Intellectual Property Right’s Consultation.

Norunnuha Sdn Bhd embraces diversity and inclusion as a business imperative and an ethical responsibility.

Norunnuha Sdn Bhd strive to be a leader in the intellectual property profession by building a high-performance team of diverse individuals to create a positive experience to our clients.

Norunnuha Sdn Bhd going green initiative contributed to awareness of employees and clients to continuously improve and protect the environment through practical and meaningful implementation method. We aim for a greener services, adopting paperless approach where possible.

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